Geranium – The Oil of Balance

According to legend, the prophet Muhammad imbued Geranium with its lovely scent, when one day he passed by a humble weed on his way down from the mountain. He took a moment to rest and hung his sweaty shirt on the herb. The Geranium held it up to the sun until it was dry, which pleased the prophet so much that he covered it in beautifully scented flowers.

Geranium has been a popular throughout the ages. The Egyptians loved it and it became the centrepiece of many Victorian dining tables. There are hundreds of species of Geraniums but only a few are used for essential oil production, where the flowers and leaves are steam distilled to create this magical essential oil. If one word could be used to describe the effects of Geranium on the body, mind and spirit, it would be ‘balancing’ and this is exactly what this video will explore.

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