Eucalyptus Oil: How to Make Eucalyptus oil for Hair, Skin & Cold | Eucalyptus oil Benefits & Uses

Eucalyptus Oil: How to Make Eucalyptus oil for Hair, Skin & Cold | Eucalyptus oil Benefits & Uses. DIY Homemade eucalyptus oil good for hair, skin, face, and cold. The benefits of Eucalyptus oil are gotten from Eucalyptus leaves. The plant is also called the Gum tree.

Eucalyptus oil is extracted from Eucalyptus leaves: there is the eucalyptus essential oil and infused oil. The essential oil of eucalyptus is concentrated and needs to be diluted before using on the skin, face, or a bath. The infused eucalyptus oil is what I am going to show you how to make it: this is not as concentrated as Eucalyptus essential oil.
The ingredients for making this are eucalyptus leaves and carrier oil. The carrier oil could be coconut oil, olive oil, or grapeseed oil.

Eucalyptus oil uses and benefits
– for soothing sensation to the scalp
– eucalyptus oil is used for cold and nasal congestion to clear the airway
– it has anti-inflammatory property and therefore reduces the pain of sunburn
– for the treatment of headache

What is eucalyptus oil used for?
Eucalyptus oil is used mostly because of its menthol-like or mint sensation; therefore, gives a soothing relief when used.

How to use eucalyptus oil:
– Eucalyptus oil can be used by inhaling it for relief of cold and to clear the airway.
– You can add a teaspoon to steam and use it for steam inhaling for cold or nasal congestion.
– Eucalyptus oil can be added to warm water and used for rinsing the hair. It gives the scalp a soothing sensation and stimulates the hair.
– You can massage painful joints or inflammatory parts of the skin with eucalyptus oil. It is very effective for the relief of pain due to sunburn.

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