Eucalyptus essential oil for decongestant, cough, – dust mask for delivery method

This video is more about a useful delivery method for getting a precise dose of eucalyptus essential oil into your lungs. The benefits of eucalyptus essential oil are widely available on the web, so I’m assuming you’ve done your research but have had trouble using the steam / facial sauna / boiling pot of water method or trouble using just a tissue with a few drops of oil over your nose. The dust mask method (respirator mask method) allows you to administer a precise dose (let’s say a couple of drops of eucalyptus) for up to several minutes, whereas boiling water quickly and wastefully disperses your oil within seconds, and you don’t know exactly how much you’re getting or where it all went! This delivery method will probably work with other essential oils like tea tree, peppermint and elemi, but do check on compatibility with polyester and polypropylene before applying an essential oil to a 3M mask like in the video. Cotton masks are an alternative.

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