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We all know the goodness of Essential Oils but you’ll be amazed to see how these simple DIY Hacks can solve all your Skin & Hair Problems? All the DIYs shown in the video are 100% natural so you don’t have to worry about any side effects.

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Products Shown In Video:

Nykaa Naturals- Basil Essential Oil-10ml

Nykaa Naturals – Geranium Essential oil – 10ml

Nykaa Naturals – Cedarwood Essential Oil- 10ml

Nykaa Naturals – Bergamot Essential Oil- 10ml

Nykaa Naturals – Eucalyptus Essential Oil- 10ml

Nykaa Naturals – Orange Essential Oil- 10ml

Nykaa Naturals – Patchouli Essential Oil- 10ml

Nykaa Naturals- Lemon Essential Oil

Nykaa Naturals- Frankincense essential oil

Nykaa Naturals- Rose essential oil

Nykaa Naturals- Turmeric essential oil

Nykaa Naturals- Cinnamon essential oil

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