ESSENTIAL Oil That Cleared Up My Acne 99%

After YEARS of trying different companies and brand, I found the one that works the best for me! Read below:


Ladies! It’s 2019 Jordan here! Years later, I still stand by this 100%. Clary sage is a God given miracle worker for us ladies and our hormones. In the video I talk a little about quality and boy, that couldn’t be more important. My love for essential oils grew so much that I started to do some deep research for the highest quality, most honest company to source from. I land on Young Living. They have been around for 25 years and are honestly doing the best job at providing us with quality essential oils. Many of you know Doterra – Doterra was actually started by someone from Young Living. Doterra has been around for 10 years and is also doing a great job at providing quality oils. After using both companies I found Young Living’s Clary Sage to work better for me. BUT you do what works best for you! They also have a larger selection of oils and a line of NON GMO Verified and FDA compliant oils for internal consumption. Both Doterra and Young Living are great high quality options!

Bonus: Young Living is the only oil company with an open door policy on their farms. With no many oils companies producing fake oils….this is huge for me.

If you’re looking to get start with oils here is a GREAT starter kit. It comes with 12 oils, a diffuser, samples, and more. It’s a crazy good deal:

Disclaimer: Some get confused with the “member” status. Becoming a member gets you 24% off all the time(which you can use to buy clary sage). You don’t have to sell oils, you don’t even have to buy oils again. Becoming a “member” simply gets you the starter kit and 24% off if you choose to order more. There are no obligations or responsibilities if you don’t want them! Enjoy your oils and your healthy life! #dogoodandsmellgood

Like everything in life – it’s only as good as the quality. It’s hard being a lady. From hormonal acne to cramps, to childbirth, to more hormones. Clary sage and all the oils in the starter kit help to make life better and smell good! Ditch the chemicals and grab your oils. Here’s an amazing podcast from Dr. Eric Z on women’s bodies and oils. He is a wise man who has done his research. He is a great resource for oil education:

I highly recommend you purchase this Starter kit first then purchase the Clary Sage with your 24% off membership:

If you just want the Clary Sage and not the other oils, follow this link: , then choose “retail customer” then. “product catalog” and type in “clary sage” and you are good to go!

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