Essential oil manufacturing, production, distilling – Silvestris

Silvestris is a professional, long established but innovative direct manufacturer of essential oils, controlling the whole process from sowing seed development till the final steps of distillation.


The guiding force behind the company is the founder & owner Csaba Fodor, a chemical engineer specializing in distillation, who fully oversees all aspects of the production.It is under his leadership that Silvestris became one of the largest and technologically most advanced distilleries in Europe.

By today Silvestris is the World’s leading chamomile oil manufacturer.


Silvestris is a governmentally licensed and a regularly audited producer of GMP certified essential oils and botantical extracts as active pharmaceutical ingredients.

High quality and environmentally friendly principles guide the full production process.
We are a certified organic producer of essential oils and herbal extracts.

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