DIY eucalyptus oil

Make eucalyptus oil in a crock pot to save money. It’s great for anti inflammatory balms, cleaners, cuts, scrapes, the respiratory system and so much more!

– 1 cup organic extra virgin olive oil (carrier oil, can substitute coconut oil)
– 3 eucalyptus branches (1 cup crushed)

1.) Remove leaves and cut up stem.
2.) Place in strainer and wash.
3.) Using your hands rip apart the leaves to expose eucalyptus oil.
4.) Put eucalyptus remains in crock pot. Add olive oil.
5.) cook on low for 1-6 hours. (It will be finished when the plant remains turn from green to brown and the room will smell strongly of eucalyptus).

My recipe makes extremely potent eucalyptus oil because it’s intended to be used as an ingredient in salves and balms. If you would like a less potent oil then use 4 cups of olive oil to 1 cup eucalyptus plant.

*Because the organic olive oil serves as a carrier oil, this is not pure “eucalyptus essential oil”. You would need to use steam distillation to make pure eucalyptus essential oil.

*NEVER USE EUCALYPTUS OIL ON BABIES. (Not recommended for kids under 10 years old)

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