Chamomile Essential Oil – Benefits & Uses

This video is about Chamomile Essential Oil – Benefits & Uses.
Chamomile is mostly known as chamomile tea that you would drink if you have an upset stomach or you need to calm down your nerves and sleep better. And essential oils is pretty much used in the same way to calm things down – be it upset stomach, skin breakouts or anxious mind.
Chamomile is very rich in the chemical component chamazulene which gives chamomile its calming and toning properties. It promotes restful sleep and is very effective for healing skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis.

There are types of Chamomile used in aromatherapy, namely:
Chamaemelum nobile – known as Roman chamomile – its milder than German chamomile and better suitable for children and elderly.
Chamomilla recutita – German chamomile – is good mild pain killer due to the high content of bisabol.
Ormenis mixta – Maroccon chamomile – which is generally regarded as inferior chamomile to German and Roman chamomile is mostly used for its scent and for menstrual pain.

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