Benefits of Peppermint Essential Oil (Mentha Piperita) & How You Should Use It!

Peppermint essential oil has many benefits and usages and some of them are described below

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– Peppermint oil for hair regrowth (beard growth). Some studies have shown that peppermint oil works better than minoxidil and does not have any side effects.
– Peppermint essential oil is know to boost energy, just inhale some peppermint oil by adding a couple drops on a tissue and you will see a sudden boost in energy.
– Peppermint oil helps relax muscles and is great for muscle and joint pains. You can add peppermint oil to any carrier oil such as jojoba oil and then apply on the effected area for immediate relief.
– It can also help with headache and stomach aches and is a good bug repellent.

Note: Peppermint is very different from cornmint, here in India, you will find many brands selling peppermint at very cheap prices. However that is not peppermint oil, it is cornmint which smells like peppermint but does not have any therapeutic value. We sell pure peppermint oil (Mentha Piperita)

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