BENEFITS of Essential Oils for skin,hair,body .

Nykaa Naturals- Basil Essential Oil-10ml
Nykaa Naturals – Geranium Essential oil – 10ml
Nykaa Naturals – Cedarwood Essential Oil- 10ml
Nykaa Naturals – Bergamot Essential Oil- 10ml
Nykaa Naturals – Eucalyptus Essential Oil- 10ml
Nykaa Naturals – Orange Essential Oil- 10ml
Nykaa Naturals – Patchouli Essential Oil- 10ml
Nykaa Naturals- Lemon Essential Oil
Nykaa Naturals- Frankincense essential oil
Nykaa Naturals- Rose essential oil
Nykaa Naturals- Turmeric essential oil
Nykaa Naturals- Cinnamon essential oil
this video is all about benefits of different essential oils for skin,hair,body and includes the newly launched nykaa essential oils range. this video contains benefits of essential oils like rose essential oil,orange essential oil,eucalyptus essential oil,frankincense essential oil,bergamot essential oil,cinnamon essential oil, basil essential oil, turmeric essential oil,patchouli essential oil,lemon essential oil,cedarwood essential oils and geranium essential oils.

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