Amazing Benefits and Uses of Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Just like koalas from Australia, I’m a big fan of Eucalyptus. The only difference is that they eat the leaves while I use the essential oil!

Simply Earth Eucalyptus Essential Oil has countless amazing benefits. This is a real must-have in every Earthie’s toxin-free home. One of the major benefits and uses of Eucalyptus Essential Oil is that it soothes cough and colds symptoms by supporting the respiratory system, clearing congestion, and managing headache. Moreover, Eucalyptus Essential Oil also boosts the immune system and helps treat acne and other skin ailments. And yes, the energizing aroma it emanates is uplifting and very refreshing.

What more can you ask for? This is definitely an essential for every home.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this video:
■ The uses and benefits of eucalyptus essential oil
■ The science behind this essential oil
■ Safety considerations when using this essential oil

Tell us your favorite way to use eucalyptus essential oil!

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