7 Easy Essential Oil Uses & Hacks

New to essential oils? Here are 7 easy ways to use essential oils in your home! I’ve been obsessed with essential oils and having fun learning how to use them in as many ways as I can. Whether you’re an essential oil beginner or essential oil expert, you might get some new ideas from this video.

→ Full blog post on essential oils | http://bit.ly/2J4TkMN

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On my essential oil collection: I started with a beginner’s kit of 6 essential oils. Then I started researching MUJI essential oil blends and bought the ingredients in those blends from Amazon (thrifty ol’ me… lol). Start with the most common/versatile oils and then explore new ones you think you’d like!

// my essential oil collection – I’ve starred my favorites (*)
● Lavender*
● Eucalyptus*
● Tea Tree
● Lemon*
● Sweet Orange
● Lemongrass
● Peppermint
● Rosemary*
● Grapefruit*
● Rosewood*
● Frankincense*
● Geranium
● Cypress

NOTE: Certain essential oils are not safe if you have dogs, cats, other pets or small children. Always do your research on the specific essential oil you are looking to use! Also, always buy high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils. You don’t want to cheap out on them!

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