5 Tips For Using Basil Essential Oil

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The spicy, yet herbal nature of basil essential oil makes it a versatile oil that can be used to promote focus and alertness, or to add a little extra flavor while cooking.

Basil essential oil has a warm, spicy, yet herbal aroma known to reduce anxious feelings. Basil provides great benefits to both the mind and body due to its high linalool content, making it an ideal application to help reduce feelings of tension when applied to the temples and back of the neck. Basil essential oil is commonly used in cooking to add a fresh, herbal flavor to meats, pastas, and entrée dishes, and it is also cooling to the skin. When diffused, basil helps promote focus and a stress-relieving experience.

– Diffuse to promote a sense of focus while studying or reading
– Massage with wintergreen and carrier oil on back of neck for a stress-relieving experience
– Take a drop internally to provide soothing support during menstrual cycle*
– Add to your favorite Italian dishes for a refreshing taste
– Apply to a bug bite to provide soothing relief
– Apply topically around ear to support healthy ear function
– Diffuse or wear topically to support health adrenal function

Basil essential oil blends well with:
– Lime essential oil
– Peppermint essential oil
– Bergamot essential oil

Every essential oil has an emotional component. Basil essential oil is The Oil of Renewal. The symptoms of adrenal exhaustion help identify the main moods that are reduced with basil essential oil, primarily: overwhelm, fatigue, low energy and the inability to cope with life’s stressors. The smell of basil essential oil brings strength to the heart and relaxation to the mind. This oil is also excellent for states of nervousness, anxiety and depression. Basil essential oil supports those who are under a great deal of mental strain. It brings rejuvenation of vital forces after long periods of burnout and exhaustion. Basil essential oil may strengthen the adrenals and restore the body to its natural rhythms of sleep, activity and rest. Basil is helpful for addiction recovery. It gives hope and optimism to the tired soul. Basil essential oil may assist an individual in giving up false stimulants or other substance related addictions. By increasing one’s natural energy, it supports individuals to achieve greater balance and health. In short, basil essential oil is indicated for those who are weary in mind and body and for those in need of strength and renewal. (This excerpt taken from Emotions and Essential Oils: A Modern Resource for Healing)

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