5 Essential Oils for Weight Loss

We all know losing weight boils down to two critical doings: good nutrition and exercise. But as you begin to exercise more and eat lower quantities of healthier foods, your body changes in more ways than one. Weight loss often throws hormones, emotions, and brain chemistry out of whack, which can lead to intense cravings. That’s where essential oils come into play! These therapeutic, highly concentrated compounds can affect your physical and mental being in ways that’ll ultimately accelerate weight loss, and facilitate your journey altogether.

1. Grapefruit Oil

A powerful fat-burning superfood, grapefruit itself can definitely benefit your weight loss efforts. Research shows eating just half a grapefruit with breakfast rev up your metabolism and boost calorie burning activity for hours afterwards. However, as a highly concentrated essential oil, a potent extract from the Citrus paradisi grapefruit plant can accelerate weight loss even further. The antioxidants in grapefruit oil reduce inflammation and stress, while also cleansing the body of toxins that could interfere with weight loss. And as a bonus, the refreshing citrus oil curbs cravings!

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2. Lavender Oil

Praised for its flowery fragrance, lavender oil does more than offer a soothing aroma. Its lovely smell makes it a great compound to unwind and relax after a hard day, but this essential oil can also boost your weight loss progress. Anxiety and stress go hand and hand, and the two emotions serve as major contributors to snacking and compulsive eating. People often turn to food when they get anxious, and this behavior can lead to overeating and weight gain. So next time you’re feeling anxious about something, try sniffing lavender instead of grabbing a snack. You’ll notice an awesome difference in your stress levels and waistline over time!

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3. Peppermint Oil

The food industry loves peppermint oil. This super potent extract lends bold flavor to popular products like chewing gum and candy. But besides giving everything it touches a minty fresh kick, this essential oil has much more to bring to the table. Peppermint oil makes a powerful appetite suppressant. Research shows sniffing the oil just once can ward off hunger cravings, helping you feel full and focus on achieving your weight loss goals. Meanwhile, the compound serves as an effective energy-booster, ultimately crushing fatigue and stimulating your system to get moving. It’s the perfect oil before a tough workout!

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4. Cinnamon Oil

Perhaps one of the most effective essential oils for weight loss, cinnamon does a wonderful job regulating blood sugar levels and keeping glucose balanced overall. When it comes to losing inches, keeping your blood sugar levels in check is beyond critical. Fluctuating glucose levels will send hunger signals to your brain, ultimately encouraging you to overeat and gain weight. Meanwhile, super high or dramatically low levels will lead to low energy and a sluggish metabolism- components that can pack on the pounds over time. The bottom line? Balanced blood sugar levels will keep your energy and metabolism revved up, ultimately helping you fit into that smaller pair of skinny jeans you’ve been dying to wear.

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5. Ginger Oil

This powerful oil contains potent compounds called gingerols. Gingerols reduce inflammation around the body and improve digestion. Improved digestion lends to improved nutrient absorption and elimination of waste, both which can ultimately help your weight loss endeavors. Meanwhile, this awesome weight loss oil can curb your sugar cravings dramatically and suppress your appetite in general. This will lead you to truly listen for your body’s genuine hunger signals, and proceed to make smarter, healthier choices when you’re ready to eat.

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