11 Autism/ADHD Essential Oils by AutisMag®

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Hi. What comes to your mind when you think of Essential Oils? Spas? Aromatherapy? But, did you know about the great benefits that some of these essential oils have for kids with Autism and ADHD?

Well, today, I am going to share with you 11 such highly effective Essential oils.

But before you get swayed away by their positive effects, it is important to highlight some common misconceptions.

• Essential Oils are NOT a cure for Autism. ASD is an irreversible condition
• These oils neither help in improving communication skills, nor do they magically bring about changes for conditions that have been persistent for years
• Essential Oils don’t directly help in improving learning and cognitive skills, though it may help improve focus with reduced inattention.
Then why use Essential Oils?
We recently conducted a survey where we requested as many as 200 parents to share their experiences upon 3 months of using one of our Essential oils.
Here is a snapshot of our findings:
• 71% parents reported that the oils helped pacify their child during Meltdowns or Sensory Overloads.
• 77% reported reduced hyperactivity levels in their kids
• 56% observed relief from anxiety, stress, attention deficit and anger
• 79% reported reduced discomfort due to sensory sensitivities
• And, MOST IMPORTANTLY, 88% were happy with the overall effects , suggesting that they would recommend it to other parents.
So here is the Countdown of the 11 Top Essential Oils for Autism:
11.Tea Tree Oil
• Helpful in Retaining composure
• Insulates skin from sensory sensitive agents like dust, pollen, etc
10.Mandarin Oil
• Calms the nervous system
• Provides relief for kids sensitive to smell
9.Vetiver Oil
• Helpful in soothing hyperactivity
• Aids in controlling anger
8.Cedar Wood Oil
• Helps kids with ASD or ADHD from persistent hair fall problems
• Stimulates pineal and pituitary glands for better metabolism
7.Ylang-Ylang Oil
• Helps in improving uniform blood circulation
• Fights depression
• Reduces Gastro-Intestinal issues
6.Chamomile Oil
• Reduces hyperactivity and hypertension
• Helps prevent meltdowns
5.Bergamot Oil
• Provides stimulant for sensory seeking
• Acts as a relaxing agent
• Provides sensory relief
4.Peppermint Oil
• Helps kids with persistent headaches
• Clears respiratory tracks
• Soothes tired muscles
3.Lavender Oil
• Improves sleep quality
• Emotional Stress buster
• Reduces Anxiety
2. Frankincense Oil
• Counters negative emotions
• Minimizes sensory overload
• Monitors stress levels
And, finally,
1.Sandalwood Oil
• Promotes mental clarity
• Improves sleep
• Relaxes and calms muscles
• Enhances attention and concentration by improving Oxygen level in blood
Feels Pretty convincing?

Still , MOST parents fail to get the best results


Because MOST Essential oils, have never been tested for use on kids with Autism/ADHD.

So, at AutisMag, we collaborated with one of the leading brands to launch a new line of Essential oils – perfectly suited for children with special needs.

While most oils use high concentration levels to produce a strong aroma, our experts have carefully moderated the intensity to accommodate most kids, even ones with sensory sensitivity issues.

So your child doesn’t find it too strong, yet it produces great results!

More than 7 different organizations have endorsed and certified our Essential oils for use on kids with sensory sensitivities.

Unlike cheaper options that use chemical agents, our oils are 100% organic! And while we are not the cheapest, these oils are still very affordable!

And the best part is, that if you are not fully satisfied with the product, we will offer full money back, and you can keep the product .

So which oil is best for your child?

Go ahead and click the button or link below to select any of those 11 Essential oils and take advantage of our, limited time, free shipping.

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